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What is philex?

Philex (phile 'file' explorer) is a web content manager based php

what philex can do ?
- easy navigation with tree structure
- create, delete, rename, copy and move folders/files.
- download files (normal or compressed :zip, gz, bz ).
- download many files as one compressed file.
- send files by email.
- upload local files to server
- remote uploading ( http, ftp, ...)
- using a multi methods authentication (text|MySQL|PgSQL|MSSQL|XML|LDAP...)
- edit all text files (a WYSIWYG editor is inclued).
- view image files, play flash files, view php and html codes.
- sort files by name, size and last modification date
- search files
- using trash for each user
- each user has his own sttings ( language, theme, ...)
- more than 12 languages available
- a lot of tools are included
- AND MORE ... :-P

Current version : 0.2.2
Author : Boutekedjiret Zoheir Ramzi <>
License : GPL
See also people who contribute to this project


How to install it ?

1. Uncompressing the file

After than you have downloaded philex archive, unzzip all files on directory which is on the www of your web server ex: /home/your_name/www/philex to give us an url like that :

The archive contains:

/auth : contains access and authentication methods
/docs : documentation
/include : some include files
/lost+found : when copying or uploading files faild (not yet implemented)
/lang : translation dictionnaries
/temp : philex employ his own temp dir ( for cache )
/themes : relooking philex ;)
/tools : useful scripts found on the net
/trash : each user has his trash
/users_settings : settings files for each user (theme, language ...)

2. Editing config file:

On this step we have to configure philex, to allow it a correctly work with less bugs (coz bugs exist always :-P )
i m going to detail every instruction and its role

3. Choosing authentication method :

If you are using philex for personal use "define (_UseMultiusers ,0)", go directly to the next step

since version 0.2.1 I've changed control user method, for purpose to allow each one the choice to use his own DB and its inital structure; Some of these modules are under development

Main algorithm:
username + password ---IN---> login.php "function VerifPwd() " ---OUT---> [AUTH_OK + HOMEDIR or AUTH_NOK]

allowed mthods:Textfile, MySQL, LDAP, MsAccess, PgSQL

A.using text file : (./auth/simple)

"data.txt" contains users list ended by "\n"
exemple : test|098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6|/home/test
test : username
098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 : the password crypted with md5()
/home/test : the home's dir

B.using MySQL : (./auth/mysql)

first edit and set your own configuration ./auth/mysql/mysql.conf.php :

define (_AUTH_MYSQL_HOST ,"localhost");
define (_AUTH_MYSQL_DB ,"philex");
define (_AUTH_MYSQL_USER ,"root");
define (_AUTH_MYSQL_PWD ,"");

define (_AUTH_MYSQL_TABLE,"users");

define (_AUTH_MYSQL_USER_FIELD,"Login");
define (_AUTH_MYSQL_PWD_FIELD,"Pwd");
define (_AUTH_MYSQL_HOME_FIELD,"Dir");


If you want to choose an existing DB change table's fields or create original philex sturcture "sample.sql".


C.using LDAP : (./auth/LDAP)

first edit and set your own configuration ./auth/ldap/ldap.conf.php :

$AUTH_LDAP_HOST ="localhost";
$AUTH_LDAP_ROOT ="dc=example, dc=com";
$AUTH_LDAP_ROOTPW ="secret";


change those attributes with yours, else you find an original shema: sample.ldif

Note : it's the same for the others authentication systems.

4. Changing permession to directories :

you owe to set the following dir's permession

chmod -R 0777 to :

To ask questions or getting help, please visit the forum and put your feedback or refer to the project's page on

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last update 24/12/2003 by zkara